All states and U.S. Territories are welcome to become a member of NASNA.

Membership benefits include:

  • Opportunity to receive support and information from your peers at any time via a private Listserve
  • Access to resources in the members-only section of the Website
  • A quarterly newsletter covering state news, Federal regulatory news, status of Federal legislation, and more
  • Two yearly face-to-face meetings that provide opportunity to engage with other state 911 administrators, collaborate with our Federal partners, stay up-to-date on important state and national issues, and get information that can help you with your day job
  • And much more
We Invite you to contact NASNA's Executive Director for more information.

Membership and Dues

NASNA has two membership categories: Active Member and Designee Member.

Active Member

The Active Member is an individual whose job is to address statewide 911 issues. The Active Member normally would be employed by the state or U.S. Territory, or by a non-profit organization representing the localities within a state. The state 911 office and the state 911 administrator position normally would be established as a result of legislation or Governor appointment and would be publicly funded.

However, a state or U.S. Territory may still be a member of NASNA even if it does not have an "official" 911 program as described. Under such circumstances, it would be helpful if membership in NASNA were requested by a state or Territory government agency, a statewide non-profit (such as an Association of County 911 Administrators), or the state chapter of a national 911 trade organization (such as APCO or NENA). There may be only one Active Member per state.

Designee Member

The Designee Member is any non-industry individual whose responsibility is to address 911 issues. Typically, the Designee Member is on the Active Member's Staff or board. The Active Member may request up to two Designee Members.


Dues are $500.00 a year, and that single rate covers both the Active Member and his/her Designee Member(s). NASNA's Fiscal year runs from 1 July to 30 June. Invoices are issued in late spring for the upcoming fiscal year and should be paid, ideally, by 1 August. Dues not paid by the end of the calendar year may result in the loss of member benefits

A copy of NASNA's Bylaws may be found here

NASNA Membership Form 2017