Membership in NASNA shall be open to all persons of good character who meet the membership requirements of these Bylaws adopted pursuant thereto.

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Membership and Dues

NASNA has two membership categories: Active Member and Designee Member.

Active Member

The Active Member is an individual whose position and/or program is established as a result of legislation or by appointment of the Governor; whose job it is to address 911 issues; is employed by a state, United States territory or non-profit organization representing the localities within a state; is publicly funded; and has statewide or territory-wide responsibility. There may be only one Active Member per state. The Active Member may have up to two Designee Members.

Designee Member

The Designee Member for a state is any non-industry individual whose responsibility it is to address 911 issues; or who is designated in writing by the state’s Active Member to represent the Active Member. Typically, the Designee Member is on the Active Member’s staff or board.


NASNA’s fiscal year is from 1 July to 30 June. Dues invoices are issued in May for the upcoming fiscal year. Dues not paid by the end of the calendar year may result in the loss of access to the Listserv and the members-only section of the Website. Dues are currently set at $500.00, which cover the Active Member and his/her Designee Member(s).

To view the current NASNA bylaws, please click the link below:

NASNA Membership Form 2015