Text to 911 Resources
Here are some links to information and additional resources related to this critical new service.


CDC Interim  Ebola Guidance For PSAPs
The Centers for Disease Control have published guidance for PSAPs with regard to handling inquiries and responding to patients with suspected Ebola symptoms, and for keeping first responders safe.

State and local EMS authorities may authorize PSAPs and other emergency call centers to use modified caller queries about Ebola when they consider the risk of Ebola to be elevated in their community.

The need for PSAPs to adopt and implement interrogation and pre-arrival instructions will be decided based on information provided by local, state, and federal public health authorities.

Please visit the CDC’s Webpage containing interim guidance for PSAPs for further information on the specific call handling instructions the CDC has recommended.

IAED Ebola Dispatch Protocol Card

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch has made available a new dispatch protocol tool for Ebola screening.

The tool is available in several languages and may be downloaded and used by any PSAP. Please use the link below for the downloadable dispatch protocol card:


NCSL 911 Legislative Tracking Database Link

Use this link to access the searchable tracking database for state 911 legislation.

2019 Key 911 Legislation

Use this link to access the the most recent database for key state 911 legislation.