About Us

NASNA began in 1989 when state 911 program administrators began to meet informally to exchange information on common 911 issues. After its incorporation in 1994, NASNA took on two major policy issues: wireless E911 location and multi-line telephone systems. NASNA was a signatory to the historic 1996 consensus agreement on wireless location along with the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO). That agreement helped the Federal Communications Commission establish requirements for wireless location accuracy that endured for nearly two decades until they were updated in 2015.

Since then, NASNA has grown and gained the attention and respect of federal lawmakers, governors, federal agencies, corporations and the military. NASNA serves as the source of information, support, and expertise for industry associations, public policymakers, the private sector, and 911 professionals at all levels of government as they address complex issues surrounding the evolution of emergency communications. NASNA serves as a vital resource for the continuous improvement of 911 services nationwide through strategic partnerships and collaborative policy positions.

NASNA, with funding through a Cooperative Agreement with the National 911 Program, procured business management services from Evelyn Bailey Consulting, LLC (EBC). The purpose of the Cooperative Agreement is to enable NASNA to do what it would do for itself if it had the budget and staff.

The EBC team includes people who are well-known in the 911 industry. 

Evelyn Bailey

Evelyn Bailey’s role on NASNA’s business management team is to provide leadership and direction for all aspects of NASNA’s operations, including fulfillment of NASNA’s obligations to NHTSA under the Cooperative Agreement.

Evelyn has more than three decades’ experience with nonprofit, governmental and political organizations. She helped pass the law that established the Vermont Enhanced 911 Board and then undertook all the activities necessary to stand up, organize, staff, equip and operate the new state agency and Vermont’s first statewide 911 system. Over the course of the twelve years that she was executive director, she was active in NASNA, serving first as its Secretary, then Vice President/Treasurer, and finally, President. Subsequently, Evelyn spent seven years as senior policy consultant with L.R. Kimball, and continued to support NASNA’s endeavors directly via a contract to produce the Model State 911 Plan and indirectly through a contract with the national 911 program to develop its National 911 Resource Center and support its various functions, including the national 911 profile database. 

Joel McCamley 

Joel McCamley’s role on NASNA’s business management team is to provide IT support for the development and maintenance of a new, more robust Web presence for NASNA.

Joel brings over 24 years’ experience in the information technology field, specifically in the implementation of technology systems, with the past 14 years focused on technology implementations in public safety communications. He was most recently responsible for executive management and leadership of L.R. Kimball’s Communications Technology division. He is a recognized industry expert in NG911 planning, implementation and operations, as well as public safety policy development and strategic planning.

Margaret McCamley

Margaret McCamley’s role on NASNA’s business management team is to provide financial management services and back-up administrative support for Evelyn Bailey.

Margaret has more than 20 years’ experience bringing fiscal responsibility and discipline to a number of businesses, including a multi-million dollar law firm where she was responsible for billing, record keeping, tax preparation and quarterly reporting; and for a multi-million dollar sporting goods retailer where she was the controller. In addition, she has been personally involved in the start-up and operation of two entrepreneurial firms: an online retail operation in which she was sole proprietor, and 911 Authority where she is the company’s Principal and Chief Financial Officer.  

Jim Lockard

Jim Lockard’s role on NASNA’s business management team is to provide project management oversight and support for NASNA’s IT functions.

Jim is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 20 years’ experience managing technology planning and implementation projects. He has expertise in operations leadership, strategic planning and technology integration. He has extensive experience in public safety and NG911 implementations in his prior roles as a program manager and strategic consultant for Mission Critical Partners and L. R. Kimball where he led the sales, consulting and delivery facets of NG911 network and technology projects across the country. 

Jim is a member of the NENA NG911 Transition Planning sub-committee and the Voice over IP and Packet sub-committee, which are defining the communications transition vision and the requirements of voice over SIP for 911.

Business Management Services

The EBC team provides a variety of services to NASNA, including office space and toll-free telephone service. The office is open from 0800 to 1700 Monday through Friday in the Eastern Time Zone except for Federal holidays and the day after Thanksgiving.

From that base of operations, our work on NASNA’s behalf includes:

  • Develop and maintain NASNA’s Website

  • Develop and maintain a central Web-based repository of documents and resources

  • Provide a Web-based mechanism for collaborative document creation and sharing

  • Collect, catalog and maintain a library of documents

  • Manage NASNA’s lists and Listserve

  • Coordinate meetings and conference calls

  • Conduct research and data collection

  • Write reports

  • Publish a quarterly newsletter

  • Monitor publications and federal/national activities that could have an impact on state and local 911 systems

  • Disseminate news and information

  • Liaison between Executive Board and federal agencies and national organizations

  • Facilitate NASNA’s participation in Federal government proceedings and initiatives

  • Support NASNA’s obligations to NHTSA under the Cooperative Agreement 

Our overall mission is to develop the Association in ways that provide the most value to its members.