You are visiting the official site of NASNA, the National Association of State 911 Administrators.

The purpose of NASNA is to:

A. Promote information sharing amongst those states with programs dedicated to implementing 911 emergency telephone systems

B. Assist other states with resolving issues necessary to accomplish statewide implementation and maintenance

C. Encourage the establishment of a coordination person within each state or province

D. Identify and recommend minimum standards for 911 emergency telephone systems

E. Identify and recommend appropriate legislation or rules concerning the administration of statewide 911 telephone system programs

F. Serve as a knowledge resource for fulfilling the purposes described in this section

G. Provide for membership in this Association in accordance with the language and intent of its Bylaws, which are now, and may later be, in effect. Membership shall not be limited other than by classification and good character, and shall have such rights and privileges by classifications as may be provided from time to time